• College Courses Offered at Belleville Henderson CS
    through Jefferson Community College.
    Belleville Henderson students are able to, in conjunction with JCC, jump start their post secondary Education and earn college credit if they pass with a D or better (but if you earn a D in any course, that credit will not transfer to another institution). Students have the opportunity to take Interactive Television courses (ITV) and/or the EDGE Program classes. 
    Interactive Television Courses (ITV)
    Interactive Television (ITV) classes replicate a traditional classroom experience with one unique exception: the "classroom" can consist of individuals or groups in up to three separate locations. The instructor and students can both see and talk to each other as if they were actually in the same room. They can do this through a two-way broadcast, providing live, interactive communication among the instructor and students regardless of location. Each site has a specially equipped distance learning (DL) classroom that can accommodate this type of broadcast.
    ITV Classes offered are: PSY 133, Introduction to Psychology; SOC 144, Introduction to Sociology; ECO 101, Macro Economics; HIS 150; American History to 1877; HIS 151; American History 1877 to Present.  
    EDGE Concurrent Enrollment 
    Mission Statement 
    EDGE is a multifaceted collaboration bridging high schools and Jefferson Community College via a concurrent enrollment program offering integrated, accessible, and rigorous college courses to qualified high school students.
    Vision Statement 
    EDGE will be the first choice of high schools wishing to provide qualified students with an opportunity to better their lives through an exceptional concurrent collegiate experience that assures access, quality, and transferability and that creates an ideal foundation from which to pursue their higher education goals. 
    The EDGE program, provides SUNY Jefferson courses taught in the high school  classroom.
    A student takes an EDGE course concurrently with a high school course.
    EDGE students earn college and high school credit at the same time.
    EDGE courses are taught by high school teachers who meet the same requirement, and undergo the same application and approval process, as adjunct instructors who teach on campus.
    EDGE courses are college, not "college-level," courses
    EDGE students are college students; the text books, rigor of assignment, and grading polices are the same as those used on campus for the identical course.
    The only difference between an EDGE course and the same course on campus is that EDGE students pay 1/3 the rate of tuition as their campus peers.
     EDGE courses offered at Belleville Henderson are: English 101, English 102; MTH 185, MTH 221 (Pre Calclus &  Calculus); French 221, French 222; Business 104, CIS 110 (Introduction to Computing)
    The general guideline is that only students who maintain an average of 90+ in their classes and earn a 90+ on the corresponding Regents exams will be eligible to take these courses because they are considerably more challenging than regular high school classes. For example, because so much college-level writing is required in the Psychology course, students must earn a 90+ on the English 11 Regents. However, since few students earn a 90+ on the Math B regents, if the students want to take Precalculus, they must schedule an appointment at JCC to take their Math Placement exam to determine if they are eligible. Calculus can only be taken in the spring if Precalculus was passed in the fall. 
    Students must listen carefully to the announcements for information about registering for Distance Learning & EDGE courses. When registration time is approaching, students are encouraged to come to the Guidance Office to leave their name and the course(s) they'd like to take. Their names are forwarded to their teachers who make recommendations about whether or not the students can handle college-level work. If approved, students are given registration packets that must be filled out completely and turned in promptly. JCC will send tuition bills to the families several weeks after the registration deadline. If the bill is not paid on time, the student will lose their seat in the class.   
    This is a wonderful opportunity but it requires a large amount of hard work, maturity, and responsibility from start to finish, so please carefully consider if you're up to the task. Obviously, not only do you need to have very good grades to qualify, but also excellent time management skills to complete the work, This is great practice for college! 
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