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    What is it?
    This Program is an integral part of the District's ongoing efforts to achieve compliance with federal and state laws relating to Medicaid billing for School Supportive Health Services ("SSHS") and other school programs.  The program creates a comprehensive system of oversight for Medicaid billing, reporting, and practices.
    The goal of this Program is to ensure that Medicaid eligible services are properly documented and accurately billed and that services rendered, but not properly documented are not billed.  Moreover, the program established systematic checks and balances to detect and prevent inaccurate billings and inappropriate practices in the Medicaid Program.
    The Program shall be overseen by the District's Medicaid Compliance Officer who shall report directly to the District's Superintendent of Schools.  It remains, however, the responsibility of each individual involved in the provision of services and the billing process, to comply with the provisions of the law.
    For further information, please visit http://www.oms.nysed.gov/medicaid/ or contact one of the BHCSD Compliance Officers below:
    Erica Pettit
    CSE/CPSE Chairperson
    (315) 846-5825
    Jane Collins
    Interim District Superintendent
    (315) 846-5826