Welcome to the
    Union Academy of Belleville
    P.O. Box 208
    Belleville, NY 13611 
    (To donate online to our Endowment Fund, please go to: https://square.link/u/k1yrwSo5)
    MISSION STATEMENT:  1.  Encourage graduates of Belleville Central School, Henderson Central School, and Belleville Henderson Central School to adapt themselves to further educational opportunities by providing scholarships for their use.  2.  Maintain and enhance those properties which they hold.  3.  Collect and properly store items pertaining to Union Academy of Belleville, Belleville Central School, and Belleville Henderson Central School.  4.  Prudently manage those funds which come into their possession.
    Current Members of the Union Academy of Belleville Board of Trustees
    John W. Allen-Class of 2012-Member Year 2022
    Jean (Williams) Appleby-Class of 1980-Member Year 2019
    Mary (Lee) Bettinger-Class of 1968-Member Year 1998
    Charlotte (Reed) Briant-Class of 1971-Member Year 2007
    Benjamin Cobb-Class of 1987-Member Year 2009
    Nancy (David) Cobb-Class of 1964
    Rusty R. Corron-Class of 1976-Member Year 2016
    William E. Eastman-Class of 1983-Member Year 2016
    John Gleason-Class of 1999-Member Year 2019
    Michael D. Gleason-Class of 1975-Member Year 2011
    David Green-Class of 1988-Member Year 2023
    Barbara (Overton) Greene-Class of 1970
    Dwight Greene-Class of 1968-Member Year 2016
    Deborah (Stoodley) Griffith-Class of 1974-Member Year 2022
    Gregory W. Golding-Class of 1970-Member Year 1997
    Melanie (Smith) Golding-Class of 1969-Member Year 2012
    Stephen L. Jones-Retired Teacher of BHS and BHCS-Member Year 2009
    David J. Kiblin-Class of 1987-Member Year 2011
    Jean L. Lee-Mosier-Class of 1972-Member Year 2023
    Lydia A. (Millard) Miller-Class of 1969-Member Year 1997
    Catherine (Dick) Morenus-Class of 1970-Member Year 2023
    Barry M. Ormsby-Class of 1978-Member Year 2006
    Marisa K. (Zehr) Riordan-Class of 1994-Member Year 2011
    Douglas W. Shelmidine-Class of 1974-Member Year 2011
    Alison (Miller) VanBrocklin-Class of 1988-Member Year 2016
    Craig C. Veley-Class of 1966-Member Year 1997
    Kirk G. Williams-Class of 1972-Member Year 1998
    Linda (Curtiss) Zehr-Class of 1979-Member Year 2006
    Honorary Members of the Union Academy of Belleville Board of Trustees
    Blaine T. Bettinger-Class of 1994-Member Year 2017
    Franklin W. Bovee-Class of 1960-Member Year 2000
    Teresa (Bovee) Brabant-Class of 1985-Member Year 2009
    Dr. David Kohl-Class of 1967-Member Year 1998
    Hugh D. Nohle-Class of 1954
    Elaine (Eastman) Streeter-Class of 1973
    Stanley E. Thomas-Class of 1961-Member Year 2000
    Sally (Wodell) Stevens-Class of 1966