• Internet Use Policy for Foreign Language Schoolwork

    In recent years, the use of translation websites has become an increasing problem for world language classrooms. Apart from students relying on these sites to do their work for them, such websites are not reliable for accurate word usage and grammar, because they cannot take the place of the human mind. Therefore, the use of such websites by students to do any world language homework or projects is strictly forbidden. Examples of these websites include:



    It is usually very obvious to a world language teacher when these sites have been used by students and it is easily proven. If students are found to be using such websites or any other website that provides answers or sentence-by-sentence translation, students will receive a grade of zero on part or all of their assignment.

    At the discretion of the teacher, consequences for a repeated offense may include a written discipline referral and detention on the grounds of academic dishonesty.

    Online dictionaries, however, are permitted and encouraged to be used, because they only provide students with word definitions, and not translations of phrases, entire sentences or paragraphs. Examples of these websites include:



    If you have any questions about this policy, don’t hesitate to contact Mrs. Cobb. Students will be periodically reminded of this policy throughout the school year.

                                   Thank you,

                                    Mrs. Cobb