Early Childhood Special Education Services are available for children from birth to the age of 5 or school age. Your child can receive a free evaluation to determine a need for special services. Special services are also free for all children if deemed necessary after the evaluation process.


    Early Intervention is a program that provides services to developmentally delayed children from birth through 2 years of age. If you have concerns regarding your child's development in the areas of speech and language, motor skills, hearing, vision, or any other areas of development, you can call Jefferson County Public Health Services at 786-3720 for an evaluation.


    Preschool children who have a delay in development may be eligable for special services also. Development problems can occur in any of these areas:
    *Language (talking and understanding)
    *Motor (walking and movement)

    Each school district in New York State must have a committee on Preschool Special Education. If you suspect your child may have a problem, you can refer your child to the CPSE by contacting Erica Pettit at 846-5825 at Belleville Henderson School.

    Preschool special education includes evaluation and a variety of special services. There are many choices as to where and how special services can be provided. You have an opportunity for input regarding services for your child. These special services your child receives are developed by the CPSE. The committee consists of you, the chairperson from the school district, the psychologist, a representative from the county where you live, someone who evaluated your child or can interpret the evaluation, preschool teacher, and an appointed parent from the district. You are welcome to bring along anyone else you think can be helpful.
    If you feel that your child is delayed in any of these above areas, please do not hesitate to call your school district and request an evaluation from the CPSE.
    If you need further information regarding the referral process to Early Intervention or CPSE, please feel free to call Head Start Health and Disabilities Services at 782-4900 ext. 242. You may also call Erica Pettit, CPSE Chairperson at 846-5825.
    Research indicates that almost 65% of families in the U.S. do not have a plan for what they will do in an emergency or disaster. The Sesame Workshop has developed family friendly resources on emergency preparedness that are geared toward children ages 3-5 years and their families.
    Then Let's Get Ready! Planning Together for Emergencies resources include fact sheets and coloring books in English and Spansih and a very positive-message DVD that covers the basics that children should know. The DVD is approximately 16 minutes long with 'Grover' as the main character. You will find the website listed below: