• Parts of Speech

    Subject: The person place or thing about which something is being said


    Predicate: the idea about the subject of the sentence


    Noun: A word that names a Person, Place, Thing, or Idea

    Examples boy, girl, dog cat, paper, essay republic


              Common Noun: any noun

              Example: dog, cat, building


    Proper Nouns: a particular Person Place or Thing

    Example: Mary. Tom, New York, Duffy


    Verb: A word that shows action or a state of being

    Example: run, walk, skip, talk, think, I am, she is 


    Article: Word that comes before a noun

    Examples: the, a, an,


    Conjunction: words that link two or more things 

    Examples: and but neither nor or


    Adjective: Words that describe nouns


    Adverb: A word that tells how a n action happens

    Example: quickly, hard, quietly


    Pronoun: Words that are used in place of nouns

    Examples: I, you, me, they, he, she we, us