• Technology Outline
    The Technology program at Belleville Henderson is designed to promote critical thinking. This is accomplished through the use of many problem solving, team working activities. This program is a must for any student interested in a career involving technology, these career’s include engineering, design, architecture, or any of the various construction trades.
    This course is aimed toward introducing students to technology and problem solving. The course begins with lessons on measurement and drawing and concludes with the development of a catapult and egg crash vehicle. The goal of these activities is to develop team working skills and problem solving skills.
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    This course will take concepts learned in DDP and apply these same ideas on the computer. Students entering this course must have basic drawing skills, computer skills, and mathematics skills. This course is designed for students interested in careers in engineering, architecture, construction, or design. The students will learn how to draw gears, gaskets, molds, mechanical devices, and architecture on the computer. The industry leader in computer design is used in this course (AutoCAD 2002).
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    Design and Drawing for Production:

    An excellent backbone course for any student studying engineering, design, or architecture. Students will be introduced to sketching, tools used for mechanical drafting, lettering, and dimensioning. Students will complete working drawings, sectioning drawings, auxiliary views, and pictorial drawings. For the second half of the year students will work as a team in groups to produce drawings for a project, they will complete all necessary drawings for the designed project, then students will build the project to those specifications. For the last part of the course students will be introduced to computer aided drafting, here they will learn how to draw without a pencil.

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    Construction and Manufacturing:

    Ever thought about running your own business and producing your own products, if you have this is the class to take. This is a great class to learn about the aspects of Manufacturing where students start up a company. The first half of the course is spent designing, producing, and marketing a product. The second half of the course is devoted to construction. You will be instructed on the building of homes and buildings from the foundation to the roof. Students will make a scale model of a building using all of the proper techniques that would be used to make a full sized structure. At the end of the course students will have the opportunity to build an actual shed out of 2X4’s and Plywood. The emphasis of this course is to train students to become contractors and entrepreneur’s not construction crews.

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    If any students have any questions or concerns regarding the technology program here please feel free to come to my room and ask me.

    Mr. Soluri.

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