•  Catapult Design Competition

    Students will work in-groups of three to design and construct a catapult. The first day of this project involves researching catapult designs and then brainstorming with your teammates to choose the best possible solution. The catapult teams will design and draw their catapults. After the drawings have been completed students will construct their catapults in the lab. At the conclusion of this activity students will go outside and launch a golf ball from their catapults. To date the longest catapult launch stands at 59 Feet 9 inches.

    How the catapults are graded!

     1. Precision of drawings 2. Teamwork   
     3. Construction   4. Design 
     5. Launch distance    6. Launch accuracy 
     7. Final written packet and summary

    Catapults Constraints:

    Students will not be allowed to begin work on their catapults until the instructor has approved their drawings. Before launching the catapults the instructor will test them for safety to ensure that the launch is safe.

    Final Packet:

    The final packet will include the following items.

     1. Sketches  2. Drawings
     3. Materials list
     4. Instructions on how to
    build the catapult

     5. Launch summary
     6. Recorded distance
     7. Daily log of accomplishments
     8. Possible changes that
    could improve the catapults performance

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