•  Egg Car Design Constraints
    concept car

    Your egg crash car must be designed and constructed within these given constraints. Any car that does not meet the constraints will not be permitted into the competition.


    1. Car will be Seven inches long and Four inches wide.

    2. Front crumple zone cannot extend any more then three inches from base of vehicle.

    3. There will be no mechanisms attached to the vehicle to slow down its momentum.

    4. Wooden block must be placed within the vehicle to represent and engine.

    5. Every team member must contribute one recycled item to the construction of the car.

    6. The egg has to have a harness or constraint device holding it into the seat.

    7. Car has to have a windshield.

    8. Egg has to be able to see out windshield.

    9. Car must attach to given base.

    10. Egg seat must sit directly onto the given base of the vehicle.

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