Marble Roller Coaster


                The Middle School Technology class will be designing and constructing Marble Roller Coasters. The intent of this project is to enhance students design skills, team-working skills, and to enhance student’s problem solving skills. The design challenge is to create a roller coaster in which it takes a marble the longest amount of time possible to roll from the top of the coaster to the bottom. The design team which creates the coaster that takes the marble the longest amount of time to go from the top to the bottom will be the winner.


    Coaster Material:


                Students will have to supply recycled materials to construct their marble coaster. There will be materials provided by the instructor however each student will have to contribute some type of material for the project.


    Coaster Size:


                Each coaster will not exceed three feet in height and may not be wider then 1 foot at it widest point.


                                   Height = 3 feet Maximum


                              Width = 1 Foot Maximum







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