Our Grading System...

  • Dear Students and Parents,


        All of the assignments and quizzes that we do in class assess one or more of the four major components of language learning: interpretive and interpersonal communication (speaking), listening, reading and writing. In the past, you would have seen your student’s cumulative test or quiz score – for example, “Ch. 2A Quiz – 85%.”   Now,  their quiz scores are categorized by the four major components listed above to be able to better target areas that may need more review. Because of this, your student may have more than one score associated with that same quiz. For example, if the quiz had both listening and reading components, you might see “Ch. 2A Quiz-listening – 92%,” and “Quiz 2A-Reading Comprehension – 76%”  If I had a student who repeatedly had lower reading scores and high listening scores, as in this example, I could tell that they learn really well by listening, and need more reading practice.

        It will be more to look at in SchoolTool for you, but will allow us to see the trends of strengths and weaknesses more clearly. I will still post the cumulative score of the quiz as well, so you can see the student's overall grade for each assessment.

       Grades are calculated as follows:

                       Homework: 20%

                 Listening comprehension: 20%

                 Reading Comprehension: 20%

                 Writing and Grammar: 20%

                 Interpretive and Interpersonal Communication: 20%

    If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call or send an e-mail to dcobb@bhpanthers.org.



                                               Mrs. Cobb