• I filled out a report about bullying...

    What Happens Next?

    1. The Dignity Act Coordinator or another adult will talk to you about the issue and might ask you more questions.
    2. Adults will look into the problem and talk to anyone else who might know about what happened (can take up to 3 school days).
    3. After looking at all information a decision will be made regarding bullying.  The person who filed the report, the student, the parent and anyone who has been accused will be told what the outcome is.
    4. The issue can be many things:
      • Bullying
      • Conflict
      • Mean behavior that is not bullying
      • A misunderstanding
    5. If an issue is defined as bullying the school will create a plan that will make the bullying stop immediately.
    6. No matter what the situation, the school will help every student with the negative issues they are facing.
    7. An adult will check-in after the decision is made to see how you are doing.
    8. If something happens again you should tell an adult or fill out another form.