• Thank you to Mrs. Scherer and the High School Chorus for this recording!


    When the waves of Lake Ontario

    Gently call us home,

    Or, when our Father’s fertile fields

    Whisper to our own,

    It doesn’t matter where we are;

    We’re never far away!

    We are Belleville Henderson

    And we’re proud to say,

    "Panther Pride” is in our hearts,

    Honor, Love, and Truth!

    This our Belleville Henderson

    Gave us in our youth!

    So when home voices call us;

    From where ever we may roam.

    We need just look inside our hearts

    To find ourselves at home.

    So hail to Belleville Henderson

    Our "Alma Mater" still;

    We sing the pride you've given us

    And we always will!


    Lyrics written by Mr. Mark Shevalier

    Composed by Mrs. Renee Scherer

    Written in 1991 and first performed on 12/01/1991

    for the dedication of the new

    Belleville Henderson Central School building.