•          WEIGHT ROOM        
    Belleville Henderson Central School Weight Room
    will vary--call 846-5411 for hours.
    Closed whenever school is not in regular session.

    Open to students grades 7-12 and the community.
    Please feel free to come in and join us for a great workout!
    Fitness Room Guidelines
    1. 1.  Students and the athletic department have priority in use of fitness center equipment.
      2.  Specific hours will be posted for community use of the facility.
    2. 3.  Students and community members may only use the fitness center when staffed by a Board of Education approved      Fitness Room Supervisor.
      4.  A list of authorized adult supervisors is posted.
    3. 5.  Authorized adult supervision must be present at all times the weight room is being utilized.
      6.  All BHCS staff members who have been trained by a trainer may use the room when another adult is present.
    4. 7.  It is a privilege to be in the weight room, not a right.
    5. 8.  Fitness Center users must maintain appropriate conduct in the fitness center.
    6. 9.  Safety is of top priority.
    7. 10.  Never slam the weights.
    8. 11.  Collars should be used on all bars during lifting routines.
    9. 12.  All weight equipment is to be put away properly when not in use.
      13.  Proper health and sanitation guidelines are to be followed.
    10. 14.  Food and beverages are not allowed in the weight room (except water).
    11. 15.  Appropriate attire is required. This includes tennis shoes or other acceptable workout shoes, shorts or sweat  pants,  and an athletic-type shirt or top.
      16.  No street clothes are permitted.