Mrs. Fingar




    CIS 110--College Credit (Fall)

    Introduction to Computing with Microcomputers


    This is an introductory college class taught by Mrs. Fingar where students will complete projects using Office 2013 for word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, telecommunications/Internet, and presentation software.  Take it for BHCS credit and/or three college credits.  Why not get a head start now at one-third of the college cost?



    BUS104--College Credit (Spring)

    Personal Finance


    Learn to be financially fit for the rest of your life!  This essential introductory course provides an overview of personal finance as it relates to personal financial planning. Budgeting, credit control, expense control, mortgage and consumer financing, tax planning and investments are covered as well as the economic aspects of financial planning as it relates to household and business financial management. Take it for BHCS credit and/or three college credits.  Why not get a head start now at one-third of the college cost?



    High School

    Careers, Computing, and Financial Management


    Gain knowledge and skills in finance, marketing, management, entrepreneurship, accounting, communications, law, and computer technology! CCFM is a newly-designed full-year, 1.0-credit comprehensive graduation requirement for students in grades 9-12 that effectively prepare students for life-long success. 
    ·        Gain hands-on experiences through unique games, simulations, case studies, and interactive exercises. In Virtual Business-Personal Finance, you will live on your own learning valuable skills such as, renting an apartment, working, paying your bills, and going to college.

    ·        Learn important financial literacy skills like maintaining your own checking account, maintaining good credit, making wise investments, and preparing income tax returns, which you’ll need to become responsible consumers and citizens.

    ·        Explore careers and gain important job seeking and employability skills, such as resume preparation and interviewing techniques.

    ·        Spend three school days in the workforce through a job shadowing internship in a real business of your choice! 

    ·        Partner with a local bank by starting up and running our own real business!

    ·        Play the stock market game with your classmates and against dozens of other New York high schools using thousands of virtual dollars.

    ·        Become computer savvy with a variety of software programs to make you successful during high school, college, and the workplace.  Teach adults from the community your newly learned computer skills during our week-long, in-class computer workshop in the spring. 

    ·        Discover marketing, management, and law using sports and entertainment as a medium! Learn about the legalities of players’ contracts; advertise, design, and promote sports products and professional stadiums; manage and trade players through entertaining team franchise computer simulations.


    Business Law
    (Gives you 5th credit for a History Major--4 required social studies classes+Business Law)


    Participate in exciting Mock Trials about murder, burglary, or robbery!  Students will enjoy preparing for roles such as judge, attorney, various witnesses, bailiff, or jurors. Afterwards, we’ll even go see an actual trial at the Jefferson County Courthouse. 


    After examining criminal law issues, students will learn business and personal law which is related to their daily lives, both now and in the future.  Students will learn about the law and minors, buying and insuring a car, employment contracts, and renting an apartment.

    Accounting plays a vital role in the day-to-day activities of every business.  This course is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of record keeping and financial management of a business. The course covers the entire accounting cycle for both a service and merchandising business.
    Students learn by completing chapter exercises in journals or ledgers with some of the exercises being transferred to computer applications.Gain entry-level skills for employment, accounting experience you need in case you start your own business in the future, or necessary experience for the fast-paced accounting course you may be required to take in college.
    Students will enjoy learning the basics of marketing by creating, promoting, and presenting real-life products such as video game consoles, name-brand sneakers, and well-known foods.  Students will set up and run their own retail stores using a new software simulation (similar to Sims™) called Virtual Business--Retail Management.  They will have complete control over pricing, promotion, location, merchandising, market research, and more.  Students' interests will be sparked by exploring many management and retailing strategies such as advertising tricks of the trade and how small businesses can grow to thriving industries.

    Middle School


    Career Skills/Keyboarding


    Career Skills/Keyboarding is a year-long eighth grade requirement.  The first half of the year students master the keyboard by touch (or enhance their current skills) and develop speed and accuracy.  They learn the basics of several programs, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher.  They will use these skills to create a class holiday cookbook!


    The second half of the year focuses on learning about a wide range of careers while using the online Occupational Outlook Handbook, New York Career Zone, and North Star Community Web.  Students will learn what job personalities they possess and how to enhance their career employability skills.

    4th Grade Keyboarding


    Students will learn the beneficial skill of touch typing via drills, dictation, computer programs, and worksheets to practice at home.  In addition, they will be introduced to Microsoft Word, where they will learn to create, edit, and format documents such as letters, reports, and flyers. 


    5th Grade Keyboarding


    Students will continue improving their typing skills from 4th grade through drill, dictation, and computer programs.  They will review Word basics, plus be introduced to PowerPoint, Publisher, and Excel.  With these programs they will learn to create documents such as brochures, newsletters, postcards, greeting cards, numerical tables, and graphs.


    6th Grade Keyboarding


    Students will continue their typing skills and learn advanced skills from the previous programs from 4th and 5th grade.  They also will learn about basic computer technology and some new applications like Movie Maker, PhotoShop, and a wide range of online websites.