• crosstown

    Cross Town Murders
    by Ann J. Colby
    In a small town, no one expects anyone to get murdered- let alone three vibrant, beautiful women in the prime of their lives. Meet Mac O'Brien, seasoned veteran on the local police force. He knows what solves mysteries: procedure and systematic investigation. The calling card of the latest particulalry gruesome murderer has him questioning everything he thought he ever knew about police work- and second-guessing his every instinct.
    Fighting him every step of the way is Greta Murphy, sexy local TV reporter. With the eye of an eagle, the nose of a bloodhound, and a dangerously keen sixth sense, she'll do whatever it takes to capture The One Big Story that will propel her to stardom. When her relentless impulsivity threatens to blow the investigation wide open, Mac forces his hand, which creates further complications.
    As Mac and Greta collide, the tension blurs the boundary between personal and professional roles. Will the spotlight be too bright for Greta as she reports the news... or will she become the news? Join them as they scour the countryside looking for the killer.
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