• Belleville Henderson Central School District
    Board of Education
     District Goals


    1. The Board of Education would like to encourage each student's development of their natural skills and guide them to excel in a vocational trade, academics, or both. 

    2. The Board of Education understands that only through teamwork, cooperation, and understanding with administration and staff, will we be able to accomplish goal number one. 

    3. The Board of Education will maintain a strong fiscal responsibility to the school and community, understanding that programs may be necessary to help develop goals one and two. 

    4. The Board of Education would like to extend an invitation to the community for their input, involvement, and support for our students and welcome ideas that will enhance goals one, two, and three. 

    5. The Board of Education encourages each student to participate in extracurricular activities, understanding that our sports, FFA, music, and other clubs help to make a well-rounded individual. 


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Last Modified on July 15, 2020