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    Re:               Water Testing Follow Up

    Date:            November 6, 2020


    Dear Parents/Guardians:

    Mr. Kiblin along with the Jefferson-Lewis BOCES have tested our water for lead and resolved several issues.

    Our district with the assistance of the Jefferson-Lewis BOCES Health and Safety Office took samples from drinking water sources such as water bubblers, drinking fountains, and sinks typically used for water consumption. Additionally, such locations as custodial closet slop sinks, bathroom sinks, and other locations that are not typically used as sources of drinking water were also tested.

    The results of the testing revealed lead concentration above the New York State Department of Health requirement of 15 ppb (part per billion) in several areas; this is a localized issue dealing with the water fixtures themselves not an issue pertaining to the water supply. These elevated levels are a result of not using these fixtures during this pandemic.

    The district has taken the action of isolating the affected location. The students have many locations for water such water refill stations for their water bottles, which tested within an acceptable range. The students may still utilize the one sink location for personal hygiene use but not for drinking purposes. We have posted the location until it is re-tested.

    The area affected was a slop sink in an art room.

    Should you have any questions please feel free to contact Steve Magovney, Business Manager at 315-846-5825.

    Thank you all for your patience.




    Jane Collins




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