• Pesticide Notification
    New York State Education Law Section 409-H requires all public and nonpublic schools to provide periodic written notification regarding the potential use of pesticides throughout the year. The Belleville Henderson Central School District maintains a list of all staff and persons in parental relation to students who wish to receive prior written notification of pesticide applications as required by law.  In the event of an emergency application necessary to protect against an imminent threat to human health, a good faith effort will also be made to supply written notification to those on the Prior Notification List.
    If you would like to receive prior notification of pesticide applications that may occur at the school, please provide a letter to:
    Mrs. Sally A. Kohl
    Belleville Henderson Central School District
    8372 County Route 75
    Adams, NY 13605
    State your request, your address, day and evening phone numbers, and an email address.  Sign and date your request.