• School Bus Safety

    Our BHCS bus drivers must complete extensive testing and training every year to maintain their school bus driver certification, they do their best to ensure order and a safe trip on the bus, but they can not do it alone, it takes the cooperation of the parents and children.

    So what can parents do to help make their children's bus ride a safe experience?

    ·         Make sure your child is ready for the bus at least 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive, as required by law, (drivers will not wait for students that do not come right out), and dress them appropriately in the event of bad weather, above all else tell your children not to run after a missed bus - doing so can be dangerous!

    ·         Always make sure your child waits safely 15 feet back from the road.

    ·         Bus drivers will NOT beep the horn to tell you they are there. On a bus, the sound of the horn means danger!

    ·         If your child has to cross the street getting on or off the bus, instruct him/her to wait for the drivers signal. Remind them to always maintain eye contact with the driver when boarding or disembarking the school bus.

    ·         Talk to your child about the limits of a bus drivers vision. A driver cannot see anyone within 10 feet of the bus bumper, that's why children should stay back at least 10 GIANT steps from the bus before boarding and quickly get away from the bus after disembarking.

    ·         Stress safety over forgotten clothing or lost homework. Children should never reach for something that has fallen beneath the bus. Likewise, they should not attempt to go back on the bus for a hat, lunchbox, etc. left behind. Many children will do this because they are afraid they will be in trouble, parents can help by assuring them that it's more important to be safe.

    ·         Keep safety in mind when choosing children's clothing.  Items with drawstrings or straps can get caught on the handrails as children enter or exit the bus, this is especially true during fall and winter when children wear bulkier clothing.

    ·         Remind children to obey the bus driver, stay seated when the bus is in motion, talk quietly, keep the aisles clear and show respect to the driver and their fellow passengers.

    ·         Remember - a safe and enjoyable bus ride makes for a great start to the day and a great start to the day improves the chances that students will come to school with an open mind ready to learn.

    The safe transportation of our students depends on the cooperation of all involved—students, drivers, parents and administrators. By understanding and abiding by the bus rules, we feel that we can provide our student population with the safe transportation they deserve.

    Belleville Henderson C. S. Transportation