Daily Criteria




    Prepared/On Time (correct clothing/sneakers, no jewelry,  gum or phones)

    Respectful (towards classmates, teacher and proper use of language)

    Equipment (Proper use of equipment and locker room)


    Student is late or unprepared for class.

    Student is disrespectful during the class.

    Student is mistreating the use of locker room or equipment.


    Student was on time and prepared for class.

    Student is respectful and uses the locker room and equipment correctly.


    Students will be working towards their potential during the daily activity.


    Student was inactive and not working towards their potential during the activity.


    Student was actively working towards their potential throughout the activity.


    Student participates in the daily warm up by actively jogging and engaging in the fitness component.


    Student fails to participate and follow the daily warm up.


    Student ran throughout the warm up and participated in the fitness component.


    Students understand the rules and regulations of the activity, as well as strategy.

    Students are aware of community resources and are able to complete written tasks.


    Student does not follow the rules and regulations of the activity.

    Student does not apply strategy to the activity.

    Student is unable to complete written tasks or use community resources.


    Student uses the proper rules, regulations and strategy towards the activity.

    Student completes written tasks and identifies community resources.


    Students are able to demonstrate satisfactory skill technique throughout class activities.


    Student does not demonstrate satisfactory skill technique during the activity. 


    Student is able to demonstrate satisfactory skill technique throughout the activities.

    Each class is worth 5 points towards their daily participation grade.

    Daily participation grades are based on 5 areas.

    Failure to follow the daily criteria will result in losing points.

    If students have more than 2 absences per unit their grade will suffer unless they do make ups.

    If students are unprepared they will automatically start with a 3; however they can make it up.

    Students can make up a class by using the weight room after school or attending another PE class outside of their class period.  If students are out for an extended time we will offer other make up options.

    If students skip class or get kicked out due to behavior, they cannot make up the class.