• Medically Excused P.E. Assignments and Project
    (Created by Mary Mauro)


    Since you are not able to participate in Physical Education Class, you are responsible for all the material covered in class and for a project pertaining to your injury.


    1. You need to purchase a notebook
    2. Everyday you are responsible to write down in your notebook what the lesson consists of in a journal log.  Feel free to include specific details:


      1. Date and period
      2. Lesson introduction
      3. Warm-up
      4. Body of the Lesson
      5. Closure of the lesson
      6. Name one thing you learned in the lesson
      7. Write down any lesson ideas or suggestions


    1. Project:

    By the end of this project you will be able to understand what your injury is and how it affects your body.  Also, it is important for you to know how you are supposed to care for your self physically and medically during the rehabilitation stages. 


      1. Cover page

                                                                   i.      Name

                                                                 ii.      Date

                                                                iii.      Title

                                                               iv.      Grade

                                                                 v.      Class Period


      1. Page 1

                                                                   i.      What is your injury?

                                                                 ii.      Define your injury?

                                                                iii.      What other parts of your body does it affect?

                                                               iv.      What are you not able to do because of this?

                                                                 v.      Did you need surgery and what did the surgery consist of?


      1. Page 2

                                                                   i.      What can you do to prevent from this happening again?

                                                                 ii.      How long will you be out for?

                                                                iii.      What types of exercise can you do when you are able to start rehabilitating and gain maximum use of your injured muscle/bone?

                                                               iv.      Tell me about your experience being injured.
    **If you have any questions or need any help with any of these assignments, come and see me for assistance.
    This is just one example.  This assignment may not be appropriate for many situations!