• Union Academy Board of Trustees
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    (An interesting and historical pamphlet, created by Trustee Maurice L. Herron, about the history of the UAB, BHS, and BHCS buildings)
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    (An interesting and historical pamphlet, created by Trustee Maurice L. Herron, about the Bell Tower)
    Union Academy Board of Trustees
    Committee Appointments
    President-Ned (Edward) F. Martelle-Class of 1965
    Vice President-Craig C. Veley-Class of 1961
    Secretary-Mary (Lee) Bettinger- Class of 1968
    Treasurer-Barbara (Overton) Greene-Class of 1970
    (Plus all committee chairpersons)
    Building & Grounds:
    Gannett (Roger) Eastman, Co-Chairperson
    Stanley Thomas, Co-Chairperson
    Frank (Franklin) Bovee
    Michael Gleason
    Gregory Golding
    David Kiblin
    Barry Ormsby
    Charter & By-Laws:
    Gregory Golding, Chairperson
    Nancy (David) Cobb
    Maurice L. Herron
    Sally (Woodell) Stevens
    Craig C. Veley
    Mary (Lee) Bettinger, Chairperson
    Barbara (Overton) Greene
    John B. Eastman
    Ned (Edward) F. Martelle
    Teri (Bovee) Brabant
    Endowment & Promotion:
    Marisa (Zehr) Riordan, Chairperson
    Charlotte (Reed) Briant
    Nancy (David) Cobb
    Lydia (Millard) Miller, Chairperson
    Benjamin Cobb
    Nancy (David) Cobb
    Melanie (Smith) Golding
    Ned (Edward) Martelle
    Linda (Curtiss) Zehr, Chairperson
    Marisa (Zehr) Riordan
    Craig C. Veley
    Alicia Ann (Ainsworth) Zehr
    Barry Ormsby, Chairperson
    Eleanor (Eastman) Green
    Elaine (Eastman) Streeter
    Linda (Curtiss) Zehr
    Eleanor (Eastman) Green
    Charlotte Richmond, Secretary (Ex-officio member)
    Nancy (David) Cobb, Chairperson
    Lydia (Millard) Miller
    Charlotte (Reed) Briant
    Barbara (Overton) Greene
    Melanie (Smith) Golding
    Marisa (Zehr) Riordan-Co-Chairperson
    Elaine (Eastman) Streeter
    Teri (Bovee) Brabant-Co-Chairperson
    Linda (Curtiss) Zehr