• By Laws

    Union Academy Board of Trustees


    SECTION 1: The bi-annual meetings of the Corporation shall be held at Belleville Henderson Central School on the 2nd Wednesday of October each year at 7:00 PM and a "to be determined" date in April of each year at 7:00 PM.  One week's prior notice of such meeting shall be given by the secretary.  The number of trustees shall be no less than twenty nor more than forty, and they are appointed for life.  Member resignations may be accepted and said members placed on an "Honorary Membership List".  Members who fail to attend five (5) consecutive Annual Meetings or committee meetings shall be placed on the Honorary Membership List.  New members will be added to keep active membership at 30.

    SECTION 2: At the October Bi-Annual meeting of the Board, they shall elect separately the officers of the Board, who shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  These officers shall hold their office for one year or until others are elected in their place.

    SECTION 3:  All meetings of the Board shall be held at Belleville Henderson Central School at 7:00 PM unless otherwise ordered.  Seven members shall constitute a quorum. No business shall be conducted at any meeting unless at least six members are present.


    SECTION 1:  It shall be the duty of the president to preside at all the meetings of the Board, to see that the By Laws are enforced and to call special meetings of the board whenever properly required to do so, and to submit to the Board all reports made to the President. In the absence or inability of the President, the Vice-President shall assume these duties.

    SECTION 2:  At all meetings of the Board, the order of business shall be as follows: 1. Reading the minutes of the previous meeting.  2. Reports of Standing Committees.          3. Reports of Special Committees.  4. Communications from the Superintendent of the school.  5. Correspondence in the hands of the secretary.  6. Unclassified Business.           7.  Miscellaneous Business.

    SECTION 3:  It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep a complete record of the transactions of the Board in a book which shall be called the "Secretary's Book", to keep a file of all reports, and preserve all papers committee to the care of the UAB Board of Trustees and to do properly all other acts required by law.

    SECTION 4:  It shall be the duty of the treasurer to keep and account for all monies of the corporation and to report to the Trustees at the bi-annual meetings.


    All committee appointments will be made by the President of the Board of Trustees as the situation requires.

    SECTION 1:  Endowment Committee - there will not be less than three members, whose duty it shall be to attend to the interest of the Board in said funds that may be referred to them.  Especially to see to it that the terms and conditions made by the donors of said special funds and accepted by the Board are strictly observed.

    SECTION 2: Endowment Promotion Committee - there will not be less than two members who shall work to obtain additions to the Endowment Fund.

    SECTION 3: Scholarship Committee -there will not be less than two persons whose duty it shall be to act with representatives of the Belleville Henderson Central School District, in the assignment of all scholarship funds in accord with the terms and conditions named by the donors.

    SECTION 4: Building and Grounds Committee - will supervise the properties owned by the Union Academy and report to the Trustees on conditions and recommendations.

    SECTION 5: Historical Committee - will keep a record of the organization and report any significant event for commemoration.

    SECTION 6: Membership Committee - will keep a list of potential trustees, present said list when the need arises to fill vacant positions.

    SECTION 7: Nominations Committee - will screen Trustees and recommend a slate of officers at the October Bi-Annual Meeting.

    SECTION 8: Resolutions Committee - will present a resolution on former members.

    SECTION 9:  Charter and By Laws - will propose changes and/or amendments to the By Laws of the Union Academy Board of Trustees as provided in Article 5.

    Section 10: Publicity Committee - will inform the public about the nature and activities of the Union Academy Board of Trustees.


    SECTION 1: Report of Committees - All committees shall report to them whenever required by the President of the Board, whenever the business before them or in the interest of the Corporation requires it.


    SECTION 1: Proposed new amendments to the By Laws shall be written to the president, for screening by the Executive Committee, at least thirty (30) days prior to the Bi-Annual Meeting.

    SECTION 2:  Proposed amendments shall be available at least one week prior to the Bi-Annual Meeting for review.  Approval shall be by a two-thirds vote of the Trustees, but at least twelve (12) must be present at the meeting.