• Belleville Henderson Board of Education Sexual Harassment of Students Policy


    The Belleville Henderson Board of Education is committed to safeguarding the right of all students within the school district to learn in and environment that is free from all the forms of sexual harassment.  Consistent with the State and Federal Law, the Board of Education also prohibits any conduct deemed to be sexual harassment.  The Belleville Henderson Board of Education also prohibits any retaliatory behavior against complaints and witnesses.

    Sexual harassment of a student occurs upon unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature which may impose a requirement of sexual cooperation as a condition of academic advance, or which may have the purpose of effect of creating an intimidating, hostile of offensive environment.

    Conduct is deemed to be sexual harassment when the recipient perceives such behavior as unwelcome.  It id irrelevent that the harasser had no intention to sexually harass the person.  The Belleville Henderson Board of Education recognizes that the sexual harassment of students can originate from a person of either sex against the opposite or same sex, and from peers as well as employees, board members, or any individual who forseeably might come in contact with students on school grounds or at a school sponsored activity.  When alleged sexual harassment occurs and the District knows about it, imediate and appropriate corrective action shall be taken.  Examples of conduct prohibited by this policy include but are not limited to:


    1.  Any sexual advantages for sexual favors or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature directed at one or more students by an employee.


    2.  Any unwelcome sexual advances, request for sexual favors and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature directed at one or more students by another student(s).


    3.  When conditions exist within the school environment that allow or foster unwanted sexual behaviors, verbal comments, sexual name calling, spreading sexual rumors, gestures, jokes, pictures, leers, overly personal converstation, etc.


    4. When such conduct has the purpose or effect of interfering with a student's academic performance or participation in an educational or extracurricular activity, or creating an intimidating hostile or offensive learning envrionment, etc.


    5. When submission or rejection of such behavior is a condition for the successful completion, participation in or denial of opportunity to participate in any course of study or education and/or extracurricular activity.


    This policy requires the Superintendent of Belleville Henderson Central School to develop and implement specific procedures on reporting, investigating, and remedying allegations of sexual harassment.  In addition, the Board directs the Superintendent to appoint a Compliance Officer to coordinate the implementation and enforcement of the District's procedures prohibiting sexual harassment.  Such Procedures are to be consistent with any application provisions contained in the Belleville Henderson Central School District's  policy manual, collective bargaining agreements, the tenure laws as well as other Federal and State laws on sexual harassment.  Training programs shall be established for students and employees to raise awareness of the issues surrounding sexual harassment and to implement preventive measures to reduce incidents of sexual harassment.

    Any student that believes that he/she has been subjected to sexual harassment should report he alleged misconduct immediately, pursuant to 9110.2, so that appropriate corrective action, up to and including discharge of an employee or suspension of a student, may be taken at once.  In the absence of a victim's complaint, the Board of Education, upon learning of or having reasonable suspect, the occurence of any sexual harassment, we'll ensure that an investigation is promtly commenced by the appropriate individuals.

    A copy of this policy and its accompanying regulation are to be distributed to all personnel and students and posted in appropriate places.