• Daily Bell Schedule



    8:00am - 8:40am

    1st Period

    8:43am - 9:23am

    2nd Period

    9:26am - 10:06am

    3rd Period

    10:09am- 10:49am

    4th Period

    10:52am - 11:32am

    5th Period

    11:35am - 12:05pm

    7th & 8th grade/Vocational Lunch

    11:35 am- 12:15pm

    6th period for Grades 9-12

    12:08pm - 12:48pm

    6th period for Grades 7-8

    12:18pm - 12:48pm

    High School Lunch

    12:51pm - 1:31pm

    7th Period

    1:34pm - 2:14pm

    8th Period

    2:17pm - 2:57pm

    9th Period


    Elementary Dismissal


    Grades 7-12 Dismissal

    * All students should be in their homeroom no later than 7:55 am.  Breakfast is available upon student arrival to school.