• Student Cell Phone Use

    Dear Parents,
        Use of cell phones by students, specifically text messaging each other, has become a problem recently. Obviously, this can cause a distraction for the teacher and other students. It also causes concern in regards to the possibilty of cheating on tests and quizzes.
       The Belleville Henderson Central School District prohibits the possession or use of personal cell phones or other communication devices by students during school hours. Cell phones and other communication devices are to be turned off and placed in the students' lockers.  Students who fail to comply will have their cell phones and other devices confiscated and their parents will be notified. Cell phones, Ipods, MP3 players, pagers and other high-tech devices have become commonplace in our daily lives. However, in school at this time, they need to be in the lockers.
       Please discuss this policy with your child to provide an environment appropriate for learning.