• 5th and 6th graders will be introduced to the Why Try Program.  This program aims at building motivation to school and for the future, and incorporates the following skills:
    • Basic Problem Solving
    • Anger Management
    • Understanding Consequences of Decisions
    • Removing negative labels placed upon them
    • Dealing with peer pressure
    • Living by societies laws and rules
    • Building a support system
    • Having goals and visions for the future
    Why Try
    The Why Try Program consists of ten visual analogies (pictures) with solutions and questions written around each picture to help students gain insight into how to deal with daily challenges.  The program, its visual analogies, and its questions stress to studetns that although making good decisions can be difficult, doing so results in more opportunity, freedom and self-respect.  Giving up and doing things that hurt ourselves and others, on the other hand, takes away opportunities, freedom and self-respect.
    5th grade Visual Analogies:
    Challenging Anger and Challenges into Positive Motivation: