• Academic Intervention Sites for Parents and Children


    Informational Sites for Parents:


    This site is an overall guide for understanding children’s development, identifying possible learning difficulties, as well as learning how to manage difficulties at home and school.  Topics include Child Development, Learning Disabilities, Reading Basics, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Social/Emotional/Psychological Issues.



    This site is the world’s leading website on Learning Disabilities and ADHD.



    This site will provide parents with an understanding of the reading process (Language Development, Phonological Awareness, Decoding Print, Vocabulary Development, Reading Fluency) and what can naturally be done in the home environment to improve each step.



    This site provides free online access to a book focusing on preventing reading difficulties in young children.  Provides information on the process of learning to read and prevention of reading difficulties as well as instructional strategies for students in the primary grades.



    This site suggests activities to promote pre-reading skill development in their preschool child.



    This site features dozens of fun activities parents can use to build language skills of young children (infant through age 6).  Includes a reading checklist, typical language accomplishments for different age groups, suggestions for books, and resources for children with reading problems or learning disabilities.



    This site tells what parents can do at home to help young children become better readers.  Also, describes what parents should expect to see at school.



    This site teaches how to help children develop their language abilities, increase their knowledge, become familiar with books, learn letters and sounds, recognize numbers, and learn to count.




    Sites for families of a preschool aged child:


    This site tells how to help children get ready to read and learn, what to look for in early reading programs, simple strategies for creating strong readers, and the five essential components of reading.



    This site provides learning activities for parents to share with young children focusing on literacy.


    Intervention Sites for Parents focused on Reading:


    This site provides activities for Reading and Writing that parents may implement with their children, and strategies to aide the struggling reader.



    This site is the Read Write Now! Program that provides activities for Reading and Writing that parents may implement with their children.  There are three levels: The Early Years: Birth to Preschool, Moving into Reading: Preschool through Grade 2, an Encouraging Young Readers: Grades 3-6.



    This site provides reading lessons and activities for parents to implement with students in grades K-3.



    This site provides parents ideas for summer activities that promote reading and language skills for young children.


    Interactive Sites for Kids that focus on building Reading skills:


    This site provides exciting interactive books and phonics games that teach children in grades K-2 to read.



    This site provides online streaming video programs featuring actors reading children’s books aloud.



    This site provides over 100 games and interactive stories from Sesame Street for students Pre-k-1st grade.



    This site provides stories with adventure games for students Grades 1-3.


    This site provides reading games for students in Grades 3-6.



    This site provides opportunities for students in Grades 3-5 to read short stories and answer comprehension questions.



    This site provides trivia games and word scrambles based on books and movies for students in Grades K-5.



    This site provides online grammar games for student’s grades 3 and higher.



    This site provides fun and educational reading activities and games children will enjoy.


    Interactive sites for kids focusing on building Math skills:


    This site provides educational games that improve math skills for students in Grades K-8.



    This site provides math activities for kids that range from counting, measurement, money, time and basic operations.



    This site provides math games and puzzles, as well as clear math lessons for kids and parents.



    This site provides fun, interactive math activities that range from basic to advance.



    This site provides fun and challenging games for students to practice math skills.  Includes action games and puzzles and cover topics such as basic math operations, algebra, percents, geometry, and money.



    This site provides tons of links for interactive math activities and games for students of all ages.


    Miscellaneous Academic Intervention Sites:


    This site provides 100 interactive educational games focusing on Math and Literacy for students in grades K-6.



    This site provides opportunities for educational development in all academic areas.  There are three sections broken down by age: 3-6 years, 6-9 years, and 9-12 years.



    This site provides interactive games that cover all subject areas.



    This site provides practice opportunities for students in Grades 3-8 to prepare for the New York State Assessments.  Covers all subject areas assessed in grades 3-8.



    This site provides a free motivation program for students in grades K-8, where they take quizzes on books they have read and receive prizes.


    Sites to address Social/Emotional/Physical Issues:


    This site is for parents and provides information on helping your child manage stress.



    This site provides articles, animation, games and health resources for parents, children and teens.  It covers topics for children on dealing with feelings, bullying, dealing with divorce, staying healthy, etc.



    This site teaches students how to take care of their mind and body so that they can relax and enjoy life.  May also be beneficial for parents.



    This site covers body image, fitness, nutrition, relationships and more for girls ages 10-16.



    This site, BAM (Body and Mind) focuses on important topics like stress and physical fitness for ages 9-13.